Top Tips For Choosing Bathroom Tiles

With the myriad of choices facing you when you decide to remodel or develop a restroom in your home, the one you anticipate to be most satisfying is choosing the tiles. They set the tone for the entire look of the finished area and will likely be the very first thing you see. Naturally, the excitement of lastly choosing your tiles might suddenly turn to indecision in light of the frustrating option offered. Should you go light or dark? Little or big? Shiny or matt? Modern and sleek or textured and natural? It suffices to make that enjoyment turn to tension and fret about whether you are choosing properly.

Well, fear not! Today, I’m sharing 9 ideas for choosing your tiles, making it simpler than ever to narrow down what you really wish to make that dream restroom a reality. For more info, click the website link.

Pick Your Wow-Factor Function

What do you imagine will be the very first thing to capture your eye when you walk into your bathroom? Will it be a gorgeous shower enclosure? Possibly consider using your primary tile in this space. Will it be a free-standing roll-top tub? Choose the best feature wall tile to become its backdrop. Maybe it’s a spectacular antique you’re repurposing as a vanity? Think of what tiles you’ll want to use for your backsplash. If you decide early on what the centrepiece of your bathroom is from the start, you can then begin to select tiles that will complement and boost your selected function.

Go Big

When opting for a large restroom tile, you need to keep a minimum grout joint width of 3/16-inch. Also, be sure there is at least 90 per cent mortar contact below the tiles as their plus size makes them more susceptible to breaking. Though tile is truly easy to clean, we’ll reveal to you how to clean tile floors the best way.

Attempt To Keep It To No More Than 3 Different Tiles.

Taking your first (need to have) option as a beginning point, utilize it to make the decisions for the other tiles you will consist of in your design. If your must-have is an unique colour or pattern and is going to be the centrepiece of your style, pull more subtle colours from it to utilize in your accent tiles. If however, your first choice is plain (like a white subway tile) you may wish to include an element of interest with a colourful accent tile and even a smaller sized scale white penny tile to alter it up and include interest.

Normally you will choose a floor tile, a wall tile for the shower/ tub surround or even all of the walls in your bathroom, and an accent tile that will be utilized as a focal point. When it comes to picking the finest tile for a bathroom shower, I have got you covered.

Stick To One Program Stopper.

There are many beautiful restroom tiles out there and a restroom is an ideal place to show off some of your personality and take a risk with an enjoyable colour or pattern on your tiles. If you are going to go for it, keep it to one program stopper. This will make your look classic and develop the wow aspect that you are opting for since it will not be competing with the other aspects in the space. (Many of these very special tiles can be pricey, but if you are operating in a small area like a restroom, they may just be the splurge you require given that you won’t require very many square feet.).

Choose a Bathroom Tile Product.

Next, select the restroom tile product you would like to utilize. Remember that you can pick to use more than one design of the tile.

When Picking Tiles, Consider These Popular Products:


Ceramic is your least pricey restroom tile alternative and can look wonderful when installation is done well. Utilize it to cover your huge spaces, then choose a stunning accent tile for a vanity backsplash.


I love glass tiles in the bathroom! Artists and tile designers have done fantastic things with glass tile. Glass is usually my go-to for accent tiles because it’s so beautiful and a fantastic car for customers to reveal their character.


Porcelain is more costly than glass or ceramic. In spite of the expenditure, porcelain is a popular option due to its toughness and dense composition.


Gone are the days when white grout was all that was on offer for bathroom tiles. Pick it for a clean and gleaming look, however, consider likewise coloured grouts, such as grey, which can have a less clinical look. Have a look at these concepts, too:

Contrast however complements grout colour with tile colour to make a more complicated pattern on the wall.

Use very dark grout around light-coloured tiles to emphasise their shape.

Perk up an all-white restroom with an energetic grout hue such as yellow or pink.

Keep in mind to go for mould-resistant grout when you’re fitting restroom tiles to prolong its life and make restroom cleaning less of a task.